PepeCoin: a year in review (2023)

9 min readJan 1, 2024

The OG Days: 2016–2023

Do you remember the early days of crypto? Can you recall the feeling of excitement each day as we searched through threads, Twitter, and chat rooms, looking for the next fun coin or innovation while dreams of the possibilities of blockchain technology danced through our heads? We do. In fact, we had planned to build it before the chance was taken from us. Read along to learn about our rich history and find out how it happened. PepeCoin, a blast from the past, has come back to the future to build those dreams into reality.

The Genesis


Before PepeCoin became a reality, its founders were members of a passionate online community of friends sharing information, news, and of course…memes! Over time, as the crypto landscape continued to expand, they began to share a common frustration with the numerous crypto projects that lacked creativity and purpose. Many of these projects exploited tech and culture for popularity, with little intention of contributing anything meaningful to the communities they attracted. Most projects either rugged or failed to build an ecosystem for their communities, leading them to slowly lose interest.

Our community members wanted to create something different. Armed with their combined skills and desire for something better, they came up with a plan. They envisioned a future where blockchain technology could be harnessed to create a project that celebrated the essence of memes and meme culture while also delivering a rewarding, collaborative, and fun meme-filled environment.

With their plan ready, the community of Memelords and OG gigabrains embarked on a journey to change crypto forever. In March of 2016, the first-ever PepeCoin was launched as a proof-of-work mineable blockchain, marking the genesis of this meme in the crypto space.

original announcement post March 2016

Caught in the Crossfire of the Great Meme War

Pepe on trial for allegedly being a Hate symbol as defined by the ADL (source)

Unfortunately, the early days of PepeCoin were not without their trials. In September 2016, during the United States presidential elections, both political factions extensively employed memes in their political campaigns. In the midst of this “Great Meme War,” Pepe found himself ensnared in the crossfire and unfairly branded as a “hate symbol.”

This false labeling had immediate consequences for PepeCoin. There were few central exchanges back then and they refused to list PepeCoin, citing the controversy surrounding the character. The PepeCoin team was forced to temporarily adopt the name “Memetic” to get listed on these exchanges.

The PepeCoin team strategically kept the name PepeCoin on platforms like CoinMarketCap, Twitter, and in their GitHub source code. This move was motivated by a firm belief in Pepe’s innocence, and a determination to weather the storm and fight until the day when Pepe would be redeemed — when they would be able to reclaim their rightful name, PepeCoin. That day finally arrived in April of 2023.

A Blessing in “Disguise”

PepeCoin team member @_pr0m3theus_ hinting at a PepeCoin launch

While the launch of PepeCoin ERC20 had been planned for over a year, an unexpected project was launched bearing the name “Pepe”. The PepeCoin team was not dismayed — in fact, they were initially joyous about this event. The possibility of new friendships and collaborations with fellow Pepe fans excited them. However, upon reaching out to the “Pepe” community, they were treated with reproach and scorn. To make matters worse, various news outlets, influencers across TikTok, YouTube, and crypto Twitter began using PepeCoins’ original logo for both promotion and negative press. It was at this moment that the PepeCoin Team and their community knew that it was time to execute on the dreams of a project that they had for nearly a decade. It had to be done. Crypto needed this.

Pepe starting to get traction and cheered on by the masses

Many years after the exchanges refused to list PepeCoin, a token simply called “Pepe” rose to fame. However, this newfound fame for the “Pepe” token came with a twist. After achieving great heights, even during bearish market conditions, the creators of this project sold their tokens and abandoned the project, a theme all too familiar in the crypto space. This was a blessing in disguise for PepeCoin. This new “Pepe” token was embraced and accepted all over the world, signifying a powerful shift in public perception. It was clear that Pepe had shed the false “hate symbol” label and had been embraced by the masses as a beloved meme.

It had finally been shown that these labels were completely baseless. The Pepe community, including Matt Furie himself, vowed to take Pepe back from those who sought to taint his identity and produce unsavory content with him. As a result of their efforts, Pepe has transcended boundaries and evolved into a unifying force across many diverse communities. We won.

The PepeCoin team recognized this chance at redemption — their moment had finally come. They saw this as their opportunity to finally build their vision of a project fueled by memetic magic that utilized blockchain technology to build fun applications and a space for their community of Memers and crypto enthusiasts to share, thrive and grow. They continue in their dedication to create a rewarding, wholesome experience that leaves a lasting, joyful impression on all who engage with it.

Now That We’ve Covered the Past…

PepeOS: The Memetiverse

PepeOS boot screen (

PepeCoin envisions a vibrant, bustling DeFi town square dedicated to cryptocurrency, memes and meme-related communities. PepeCoin features a comprehensive operating system-style platform that enables a myriad of applications to cater to the diverse interests of the cryptocurrency and meme cultures.

The platform’s operating system approach ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, providing a unique, fun, and interconnected ecosystem for the cryptocurrency and meme enthusiasts it serves. PepeCoin is hard at work building the following list of features. This list is by no means exhaustive. As the project continues to grow and more use cases and applications are discovered, more will be added.

Pepe Messenger

Pepe Messenger as shown in PepeOS, Direct message (

Integrated into Pepe OS is a cutting-edge, decentralized messaging app that aims to support chat rooms and the ability to list exclusive projects, communities, and collaborations, fostering user growth and engagement. Within these rooms, users will be able to display their owned NFT Emotes, NFT Art, Metaverse assets, ENS names, and drawings created in the Pepe Paint app. This creates a fun and engaging hangout space, where users can chat with direct messaging or collaborate in group chats.

Pepe Paint

Pepe Paint app on PepeOS (source)

To further enhance creativity, interactivity, and fun, Pepe Paint allows users to craft and mint their NFTs on the fly. The Pepe Paint NFT minting application will remove the difficulty of creating an NFT, finally allowing users to share their creations with the world without the hindrance of NFT mint service providers.


MyFrens in Pepe Explorer in Pepe OS @ (

MyFrens is a nostalgia-inspired SocialFi platform where users can create and connect with others. The platform recognizes the significance of digital assets in cryptocurrency and meme culture. One of the many features of MyFrens is the capacity for users to prominently display their digital assets. Going beyond simple text and image updates, users will be able to showcase their NFTs, memes, and other digital creations, allowing for a rich and visually engaging representation of their crypto personas.

Furthermore, MyFrens will serve as a gateway for users to explore and discover new trends, projects, and digital assets within the PepeCoin community. The social media platform is not just a place for self-promotion, but also a hub for discovery and connection with the happenings in the dynamic worlds of cryptocurrency and meme culture.

In essence, MyFrens is more than just a social media platform; it is a community-building tool that celebrates individuality, creativity, and the diverse interests of its users within the larger PepeCoin ecosystem. decentralized trading terminal ( coming soon

Kek.Bot is a cutting-edge and unique trading terminal, designed to streamline the trading experience for users beyond the limitations of traditional DEX swap interfaces. The features list will include portfolio management, MEV blocking protection, limit orders, sophisticated charts, trader chat, per order P/N/L reports, token discovery scanner, mirror trading, a sniper bot and much more.


The Kekspace integrates all of the aforementioned features and technologies into an all-encompassing 3D virtual experience. Users within the Kekspace will have access to their own 3D land plot where they can create a custom space dedicated to their NFTs, assets, and art. Beyond the room is a town square where users can chat with NFT emotes, showcase their items, and access the various amenities, including the dispensers, galleries, games, and music stages. This world will certainly grow with the project and as other communities onboard. We are overwhelmed with excitement for this stage where we can hang out with you all.

Our own memetic universe awaits.


Kekdaq DEX login page

The Kekdaq is a decentralized NFT exchange. First launched in June of 2017, it was one of the worlds first NFT DEX. We are bringing the Kekdaq back and with all the Web3 improvements.

The Kekdaq empowers users with the ability to seamlessly trade and showcase their NFT art, PepeCoin Metaverse assets, Emotes and much more. The Kekdaq interface will be delightful and easy to use, attracting new users to take the plunge into the NFT experience.


Kekstarter serves as a collaborative launchpad, allowing meme token communities to contribute NFTs, assets, and items to PepeCoin. After a thorough review, these contributions become available for PepeCoin users to claim and display in dedicated subcategories across relevant areas of the Pepe OS platform. This decentralized gifting model not only strengthens the bond between PepeCoin and its supporters but also acts as a bridge, fostering collaboration and unity among diverse meme token communities within the broader blockchain space.

By promoting shared creativity and support, Kekstarter becomes a hub where PepeCoin and other communities can explore and appreciate the unique offerings of one another. This cross-collaborative approach enriches the PepeCoin ecosystem, creating a space that celebrates the collective enthusiasm of meme communities and enhances the overall user experience.



PepeCoin introduces, a music streaming hangout space designed for NFT music, where artists can seamlessly share their creations with the audience. Users can elevate their experience by featuring unique animated assets on the dance floor and utilizing NFT emotes to engage in conversation with others, enhancing the interactive and visually dynamic nature of the environment.


currently users can play from a selection of Open-Source titles such as Pokemon Clover, Frogger, & more

PepeCoin will offer its own in-house branded games for its user base, providing an engaging and enjoyable experience. Beyond in-house creations, however, the platform will also showcase games developed by other projects, fostering a collaborative and diverse gaming environment. This approach not only adds variety to the gaming portfolio but also encourages partnerships and shared experiences within the broader Crypto community. As a result, PepeCoin becomes a hub for DeFi gaming enthusiasts, offering a rich and interactive gaming ecosystem.


BasedAI farming app on PepeOS

BasedAI is deserving of its own paper (in progress). However, here’s a brief description of the technology and its intended purpose. BasedAI is a custom-engineered Layer 1 network being developed by PepeCoin. BasedAI weaves the decentralized storage and computation of open source AI models directly into a consensus mechanism. In simpler terms, BasedAI seeks to democratize and incentivize the deployment of the rapidly growing list of open source AI models, ushering in a new era of AI freedom that is free from the shackles imposed by centralized tech.

Validators stake BasedAI tokens and earn BasedAI for performing two tasks: a) storing LLM models, and b) contributing GPU resources to the network for processing.

Happy New Year from the PepeCoin Team!

Lets make 2024 the best year ever together.

Happy New Year 2024